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Peepa's is located in downtown Palm Springs across the street from H&M and Starbucks reserve.

Peepa's is your caftan, PS fashion and fashion accessory destination. 

Featuring local and independent designers, Peepa's mens & womens apparel is as unique as you!

Peepa's also carries local artists, gifts seasonal items, coffee table books, super funny greeting cards and so much more!
We've got you covered for your TikTok lewks, perfectly Palm Springs gifts, and you can vibe to our awesome music we curate for our store!

Come and shop and have a
fab time with us!


In 2006, young toffee-maker Brandon Weimer and his childhood friend had the opportunity to go on a high school class trip to Italy. Challenged by their parents to earn half the cost of their trip, they accepted, and Brandini Toffee was born. With overwhelming support from their community, the two surpassed their funding goals within a few months and made it to Italy. Brandini Toffee has since grown into a full-time family business with a passionate dedication to making the best toffee products.


Wabi-Sabi Japan Living is a home goods retail store that imports goods from Japan and Asia.

Forget what you know about Sake.  This is not Sushi Bar Sake that’s hot and bold.  Wabi-Sabi Japan Living Sake Bar carries a curated Sake collection that is modern, unique, and fresh on the palate, with fruit and floral aromatic notes that will delight and surprise you.  In addition to our refreshing assortment of Sake, we also offer a selection of Shochu, a Japanese distilled liquor, that features various fruity and floral notes, and Japanese beers that satisfy their distinctive crisp, malt finish.

Why A Japan Home Goods Store?  The partners behind the store, Darrell Baum and Osamu Sagara visit Japan every year to visit family.  They so love their travels and experiences in Japan that they wanted to bring them back to their home in Palm Springs, CA to share with everyone.

Trina Turk Palm Springs is an oasis of style. Check out the expanded flagship boutique featuring women’s apparel, accessories, Mr. Turk menswear, swim, spa, recreation, and residential store, all in one! Opened in 2002, the groundbreaking Trina Turk boutique is housed in a 1960s low-slung, glass-walled Albert Frey building in Palm Springs, California. Originally designed by Kelly Wearstler, the swank modern resort interior combined 1970s style with vintage flair.

The store occupies the entire corner building and a luxuriously spacious 5,000 square feet, and has reinvigorated retail in the northern end of Palm Canyon Drive. Acclaimed architect Barbara Bestor reconfigured the entire space as a modernist, bohemian enclave, with walls of chevron wood with brown and white tiles that echo her work in the Burlingame boutique. Encompassing the iconic Trina Turk women’s apparel, footwear, recreation, handbags, Mr. Turk menswear, swim and spa and residential collections all under one roof, Trina Turk continues to revitalize the Uptown Design District, a perfect showcase for her entire “California chic” empire.


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