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Charities &

helping local people

live events going on now...

Boys & Girls Club PS

*Inspire * Empower * Mentor

Established in 1948, services over 1700 local boys & girls per year.


PS Animal Shelter

Adopt a furry friend!

We have dogs, cats and other pets to adopt. Also, we will assist in locating lost pets.

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Angel View Palm Springs

Mission is helping local children and adults with disabilities reach their maximum potential.


DAP  (Desert  AIDS Project)

DAP Health has been to enhance &  promote the health and well-being of our community.

Visit our 'Revivals' store in Palm Springs


AAP Food Samaritans

Provides nutritional support to improve

the quality of the lives of low-income

people living with chronic illnesses.

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Well in the Desert

Emergency food assistance,

weekly food distribution and services

for those affected by poverty.

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